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Spatial Slur


This is the blog and personal website of David Reeves.

I’m a software developer interested in computer graphics, geometry processing, and computational design with experience developing 3D tools and technologies in various domains. I’m currently working at:

  • Ansys, developing graphics engine technology for the Discovery application

Previously, I’ve worked at:

  • MESH, developing geometry processing applications for additive manufacturing
  • EA, developing technology for procedural asset creation in the Frostbite game engine
  • DNEG, developing shape deformation and rigging technology for character animation
  • ZHA, developing tools for shape optimization and exploration in architectural design
  • AL_A, developing procedural modelling tools for architectural design

In my spare time, I enjoy tinkering on personal projects, trying to decipher research papers, documenting my cat, and daydreaming about having more spare time.