Spatial Slur is an ongoing catalogue of computational design research by David Reeves. While primarily intended as a platform for personal documentation, it also aims to serve as an informal learning resource by supplementing visual content with source code and exposition of the processes at work.

Schematic self-organization


David Reeves is a designer, programmer, and aspiring hermit who is uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person. He works in the AEC industry as a computational design specialist, focusing on the research and development of digital tools that are increasingly instrumental in the design and production of the built environment. He is currently a member of the Computation and Design (CODE) Group at Zaha Hadid Architects and previously worked in a similar context at Amanda Levete Architects.

David’s personal research focuses on the application of numerical methods and simulation within architectural design modelling. Specifically, he is interested in how the above can facilitate the discovery of novel design solutions by augmenting the designer’s ability to negotiate large sets of interdependent design criteria.