Differential Growth 2

Below are a few more spoils from the differential growth studies – this time visualizing the collision spheres centered on each vertex which prevent the mesh from self-intersecting as it grows.

Surface growth self-collision 1

Surface growth self-collision 2

Surface growth self-collision 3

Surface growth self-collision 4

Differential Growth

Inspired by recent work from Nervous SystemDeskriptiv, Andy Lomas, and a few clever folks over at the Grasshopper forums, I decided to try my hand at simulating differential surface growth.

Differential surface growth 1
Differential surface growth 2
Differential surface growth 3

Besides being an extremely effective means of procrastination, it turned out to be a useful test for several classes within the SpatialSlur library – most notably HeMesh for the dynamic mesh refinement and SpatialHash3d for quickly handling vertex collisions.

Moving In

Welcome to the new home of Spatial Slur.

After fumbling around at Blogger for years, I decided it was time to relocate to a more hospitable corner of the internet. Here we are. Much like its predecessor, this website will function as a personal documentation tool for ongoing computational design research. For more info, visit the About page.

Alongside the new website, I’ve also published an open source code library by the same name on GitHub. I’ll be making use of it in many of the examples posted here, so if you’re interested in following along, check out the Code page.

Spatially hashed circle packing